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                        APEO organophosphate Details
                        600# organophosphate Details
                        AEO series sulfate and its salt Details
                        APEO series sulfate and its salt Details
                        600# series sulfate and its salt Details
                        triisopropanolamine Details
                        polyethylene glycol(PEG) Details
                        MethallylAlcohol Ethoxylate, IsoprenolEthoxylate Details
                        polycarboxylate-type high performance water reducing agent Details
                        Agricultural emulsion 400# Details
                        TristyrylphenolPOE/POP Block Copolymer (1600#) Details
                        TristyrylphenolEthoxylate(Agricultural emulsion 600#) Details
                        Agricultural emulsion 700# Details
                        penetrant JFC Details
                        polyethylene glycol(PEG) Details
                        Sorbitan Fatty Acid Este(SPAN) Details
                        Polyoxyethylene (20) Sorbitanmonooleate (TWEEN) Details
                        triisopropanolamine Details
                        agricultural pesticide emulsifier Details
                        AllylAlcohol Ethoxylate Details
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