Product specificationNon-ionic surface active agentAnionic surfactantOther
                        polycarboxylate-type high performance water reducing agent

                        Chemical component: Methyl alkenyl polyethers and crylic acid monomer-polymer

                        Trade name: polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent

                        English name: Superplasticizer, Polycarboxylate

                        Executive standard: Q/XYH 10-2013

                        Product technical index

                        ●cement paste fluidity: ≥300

                        ●water-reducing rate: over 40%

                        ●  PH range: 6~8

                        ● solid content: ≥40%

                        ● chlorine ion content: no


                        Features and application:

                        ● Appearance: light yellow or colorless liquid

                        ● Early strength and high stregnth

                        ●  High durability

                        ●  Low slumps loss

                        ●  Green and environmental protection

                        Packing and storage:

                        ●The product should be stored with cover in plastic drum; 200-250±1kg/ drum or according to customer requirements.

                        ●The product should be placed in dry environment to avoid rainfall, moisture and damage.

                        ●Period of validity is 1 year.

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